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$39.99/ Y

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  • Instant Recommendation Letter
  • Valid for 12 Months
  • You can renew your card from us without any hassles
  • Save 25%+ on Cannabis (Reduced Taxes)
  • 100% Legal Protection
  • Increased Purchase & Possession Limits
  • Use in Multiple States


$199/ Y

Regular Price $249

  • Instant Recommendation Letter
  • Valid for 12 Months
  • Increase your marijuana growing
    limit up to 99 plants
  • Save 25%+ on Cannabis (Reduced Taxes)
  • 100% Legal Protection
  • Increased Purchase & Possession Limits
  • Use in Multiple States
Want to save 25% or more on Cannabis? MAKE THE SMART CHOICE! Here’s how a medical card benefits you:
Guaranteed Savings!

Guaranteed Savings!

Save an average of 28% compared to recreational cannabis.

Savings go up to 35% or more across a few cities in California.

Increased Access

Increased Access

More than 1000 medical dispensaries will already be open in January 2018 while recreational dispensaries are still getting licensed. Get more price options, locations, strain and product availability with a medical card.

Higher Grow & Carry Limits Grow your own?

Higher Grow & Carry Limits Grow your own?

Cultivate up to 100 square feet of medical cannabis with a medical card.

Possess and carry up to 8 oz. vs 1 oz.

Secure yourself Legally

Secure yourself Legally

Get peace of mind with higher purchase, carry, and grow limits. A card also provides more legal protection, especially when driving or flying with medication. Why worry about a possible arrest?

Minimum Savings: By Region

Minimum Savings: By Region

  • Los Angeles -14.25%
  • Long Beach -14.25%
  • Oakland - 14.25%
  • San Diego -12.75%
  • San Leandro -19%
Age Limits

Age Limits

Recreational Cannabis will be available only to people above the age of 21. Contrary to this, Medical Cannabis can be used by patients aged 18 and above with a recommendation from our doctors.

You will also receive your signed hardcopy with an embossed seal by mail in 1-3 business days.

Is your doctor legit?

Is your doctor legit?

California Counties will not approve a Medical Marijuana Identification Card if the doctor's address cannot be verified. Virtual mailing addresses such as REGUS can be rejected. Please protect yourself and verify addresses!

Due to telemedicine, many online doctors are starting up but without any medical office. They will use virtual business mailing addresses such as REGUS or PO Boxes. Make sure you do your research and choose a reputable medical clinic with established history. And make sure you talk to a real person before you give out your personal information. To avoid problems, be sure to look for:

  • Real Physical Clinic w/ Verifiable Address (No Virtual Addresses).
  • Call & Speak to a Real Person.
  • Verify Real Reviews on Yelp. Verify BBB Listing.
  • 24/7 Customer Support & Live Chat Available.
  • No Doctor = Not Legit. Be Sure to Speak to Real Dr.

Verified Reviews

TrustSpot TrustSpot

Competitor Comparison

Online Medical Card

  • 24/7 Customer Support Available

    (Phone or Chat)
  • Serving the Community for 18 years

    (Over 250,000 Patients Seen)
  • Working from a Real Medical Clinic

  • Featured on Weedmaps, Hightimes, Leafly

  • Doctors & Medical Staff with Real Photos

  • 40,000 Active Patients + 1000s of Verified Reviews

  • A+ BBB Rating

The Others: Red Flags

  • No Live Person Available

    (No one answers)
  • No Established History

  • Only Lists a P.O. Box Address

    (Likely to be rejected by state and county)
  • Little to No Public Recognition

  • Fake Images & Stock Photos Only

  • No Verified Reviews (Only Self-Published)

    (Includes Yelp logo but no reviews actually exists)
  • No BBB Rating or Listing

    (Includes BBB logo but no listing actually lists)

Look for these signs above when choosing a clinic you can trust.

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Our Clinic


In 2001 - Humble Beginnings

As the medical cannabis scene grew in Santa Ana and the surrounding region, it was hard to be ignored. Most cannabis users that found the plant to be therapeutic had to acquire it in the black market, undertaking multiple legal and safety risks. Cannabis users usually were stigmatized and they had to use cannabis secretly and illicitly.


In 2007 - Cannabis Saves our Staff

Then 2007-2009 our own medical staff was suffering from anxiety, and appetite issues. We were looking for alternatives to prescription medication and traditional treatments. It was obvious that Cannabis as medicine works, works effectively, and is more affordable than prescription medication. Looking at these facts, we made a clear decision, we had to embrace medical cannabis even if it meant an uncertain future.


In 2016 - Telemedicine

In 2016 with the legalization of telemedicine, we were able to expand our service entirely online offering access across the entire state. We improved on our process to make access even simple, more convenient, and mobile friendly. We set the standard for HIPAA Compliant, fast friendly evaluations with instant PDF delivery via email. We put our patients first and make sure we always deliver documents on time and without error. With our original goals and vision in mind, we took this opportunity to maximize the accessibility we could offer the public


In 2018 - Recreational

In 2018, with the legalization of Cannabis in California, medical cards were not longer required to gain access to many dispensaries. However, medical cards took a different role – they allowed patients to pay less in taxes, grow, carry, and purchase more, and access more products.


In 2019 - Making an Impact

In 2019, the climate has changed but our values have not. We stand firm in our belief that everyone should have access, and that medical patients deserve to pay less in taxes. We want to make sure recreational limits are not imposed on those that truly use cannabis.and also that these people now where to go. To accomplish this we created our dispensary listings and independently verify legit operations

You Are Covered by Our Money Back Guarantee


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply call us at 866-219-3081 or email us at [email protected] to obtain a full refund.

You can verify our doctor's license at the Medical Board of California's website here:

License: 138744, 70082

The Most Popular Marijuana Clinic in California

Serving Over 50,000 Active Patients

We believe that medical cannabis saves lives, and that any person that can benefit from the wide variety of therapeutic uses it can offer should be able to access to the medication. Our doctors have done over 250,000 evaluations since 2001!

We realize that Americans are facing major health crisis. Our mission is to help patients manage their medical conditions in a legal way with medical cannabis . We strongly believe that cannabis therapy works better than pharmaceuticals when it comes to chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, PTSD, neurological disorders, side effects , and other health issues.

Our Mission

Our vision is simple but clear - to be California's most trusted source for obtaining a 420 evaluation online. We believe telemedicine is here to stay and we want to use it to fully expand access to care. Everyone should be able to access a 420 doctor easily. By combining our expertise with technology, we are on the road to making this possible.

Our Vision

Proudly Serving You Since 2001


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